Protective Screen Options

The Team at Omega hopes that you and your loved ones are coping as well as can be expected during this difficult time for our nation and the world. We are open on an as-needed basis to support those who are working in essential businesses and are following appropriate regulations to protect the safety of our employees.

As workers return to the office after the crisis has abated, there will of course be increased awareness of and desire for more physical privacy and protection between employees. We decided that our manufacturing expertise could be put to use for this purpose and are offering several types of physical protection for use in the office environment.

Stand-alone plexiglass protective shields can be used in a reception area or on a desk to protect from inadvertent transmission of fluids from a sneeze or cough. Glass protective screens can be attached to the top of cubicle walls or used to divide a desk area to provide both privacy and protection. These protective desk screens can be customized to fit your needs, and we will provide installation if necessary.

Please reach out to us if you feel that office desk screening would provide peace of mind for you and your employees in the near future.

Omega also manufactures and sells Omega Add-on-Kits (OAK) for Haworth panels, as well a universal adapter that can be used with a variety of other manufacturers called an Acrylic Mounted Bracket (AMB).  A kit includes one piece of ¼” acrylic and “mounting hardware,” with standard acrylic heights of 12” and 16”, clear or frosted.  

All solutions and sizes can be customized.