who is omega trading company?

We started Omega Trading Company in 1992 with one purpose in mind—keep old office furniture out of the landfill by cleaning, refurbishing, and remanufacturing good quality product. This dedication to reducing the impact on the environment has remained a major part of our company culture. During our 20+ years in the refurbished office furniture business, we have grown and changed with the times. Our remanufacturing processes have become more environmentally friendly over the years as glue, paint, and fabric have improved. The large majority of any waste product is recycled. Steel, aluminum, cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic are all separated and recycled from the Delta/Omega facilities.


Omega maintains a large inventory of used Haworth systems furniture product—the raw material we use to remanufacture and refurbish your new workstations. If we are short a particular part to complete your workstations, we can usually get it quickly through our extensive network of brokers and dealers around the country.

Our ability to create unique custom office furniture to your specifications sets us apart from our competitors. We can design a stunning and functional office using a combination of remanufactured or as-is furniture, new office furniture and accessories, and custom desks and other pieces—and we’re the only company in the Baltimore, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia area that can do it all in one place!

Omega is a subsidiary of Delta Installation Group, one of the largest office furniture installation companies in the mid-Atlantic region. We operate from a combined 165,000 sq ft office/warehouse location in Hanover, MD. Having Delta Installation Group as our sister company allows us to provide you with all the services you need to install, reconfigure, and manage your office furniture inventory. See our Services page for more information on everything we can help you with, including furniture brokering, warehousing, and project planning.